Email Verification

Easy, Fast & Accurate.

Email checker tool will clean your mailing list and increase deliverability rate up to 99%. The email address validation process was never so easy.

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We Clean & Verify Tons of Emails

Never risk your email sender reputation or have a bad email campaign again. We clean your emails to make sure your emails go where they're supposed to.

Bulk Email Verification

Never send a campaign that can risk your sender reputation.

We verify and clean email lists to make sure they're good to go. Upload any list, and clean them in easy steps.

1.) Upload Your List
2.) Clean & Download New List
3.) Send Campaign & Deliver up to 99.99%

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Email Deduplication

Clears duplicate emails present instantly and saves you from landing in recipients spam box

Syntax Validation

Incorrect email formats are inevitable during list collection or generation by data teams

Spamtrap Removal

Our system indicates potentially unsafe emails and helps you avoid costly sender blacklist

SMTP Verification

Multiple advanced real-time checks are done to verify the existence of the domain, email account

Disposable Email Check

Keep your email list fresh by cleaning all emails matching our database.

Catch-All Check

Our intelligent system identifies in real-time accept-all domains and saves you from hard bounces later


We deploy the latest anti-greylisting technology to help you prevent greylisting.

Domain Verification

Our system checks and validates the DNS entries of email addresses and helps identify bad domains.

List Quality Analysis

Once CMM completes the verification, you will get the email list quality analysis report.

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