How to Make Your Emails Go To Primary

Emails act as an important communication media in today’s world. Either personal or professional concerns everyone uses this email service to send and receive messages. Apart from personal usage, emails are chiefly used for business-related concerns due to their professional manner of conveying the messages.

Maintain a business email medium is not also an easy task. It needs a lot of skills and knowledge to maintain the email list, inbox, and the sending process without any issues.

One of the most typically confronted issues include the emails end up landing in the promotional tab instead of the primary tab. You all have already faced it or it might occur anytime. From business point of view, the emails which you send to the clients will have no purpose if it lands up in the promotions tab because no sort of notification will be sent regarding the emails to your clients.

Whereas if the emails reach to your customer’s primary tab the users will be notified immediately and also it increases the emails open rates and helps in the growth and expansion of the business. Due to all these issues, the primary tab is highly preferred by all the business people.

So, to encounter this issue you must take necessary actions to make all your emails land in the private tab instead of the promotions tab. Now, how do you make emails go to primary? Do not get worried. In this article, I will be describing some of the ways to explain how you can make all your emails go to the primary for the business concerns and also to the customers.

Reasons for reaching up on emails in the promotion tab

The promotion tab is not as threatening as you think. Statistics have shown that 45% of Gmail users check their promotions tab daily. But emails landing on the promotion tab decreases the email open rates and affects the normality of the business.

There are several reasons why your emails go to the primary tab. So for the betterment and the normal functioning of your business, you need to have a check on these promotions and primary tabs regularly.

Here I have inscribed some of the reasons why your emails go to the primary tab.

  • If the business people send bulky emails or marketing emails that include deals and other promotional messages from any third-party services and other applications like Mailchimp, Aweber, etc…this makes all your emails end up in the promotional tab.
  • All the above processes will trigger the email filters which automatically leads to a decrease in the email open rates and also affects the  enhancement of the business.
  • Due to the landing of emails on the promotions tab the overall growth and normality of the business get impacted.

Benefits of emails delivered to the primary tab

When the emails which you send to the clients get delivered to their primary tab there are certain benefits that you can gain out of it. Those windfalls can help you to attain your motives as well as assist in the overall enhancement of your business. I have listed a few benefits of the emails when dropped in the primary tab.

  • Increased open rates
  • Higher conversation rate
  • Increase trustworthiness

These are the benefits you reap when the emails that you send drop in the sender’s primary tab.

Increased open rates

When your emails land in the primary tab the chances of the client to read all those emails are high. Also, your clients get a notification at the moment your email gets received in the primary tab and this is an additional advantage. So you will attain the  purpose of sending those emails and this automatically results in increased open rates.

On the other hand, when your emails land in the promotions tab people will not get notified whether your email has reached them or not. This makes the email open rate decrease rapidly.

Higher conversation rate

Emails when delivered to the primary tab, have more chances of being clicked and opened by your clients. This results in an increased conversation rate as most of the emails which you send to the clients will be opened and read by them. Hence you have more possibilities for an increase in your overall email conversation rate.

Increase trustworthiness

To be successful and trustable in the business you must be very cautious about every step you move forward. Emails that are delivered in the primary tab will be of fewer controversies and your client will be free from all the suspicions and this will pave the way for a strong and long-lasting relationship between your business and the clients.

Steps to move emails to the primary tab

There are some ways in which senders can make all your emails go to the primary tab. To prevent the emails’ from landing in the Promotions tab you must make sure that you have a check on these things regularly.

On the other hand, the ways that you follow must yield the desired results so always have an eye on the ways that you follow. Here I have inscribed some of how you can make all your emails go to the primary tab.

  • Send your emails individually
  • Instruct your clients to check  their promotions and the spam folder
  • Stay updated with Gmail’s features
  • Use Artificial Intelligence
  • Avoid email blasts
  • Personalize your emails
  • Refine your email deliverability

These are the ways how you can make emails go to primary without any problems. Make sure that you follow all these steps to provide a hassle-free service to your customers.

Send your emails individually

As a business concern, you will be having a lot of information and emails that you like to distribute to all your clients to attract the target audience and to expand your business. But when emails are sent all at once to your clients it results in some issues which Gmail restricts. So beware of how you are distributing the emails among the clients.

To avoid all those issues make sure that you distribute all your emails individually as much as possible. This may help you with troubleshooting the various issues.

Instruct your clients to check  their promotions and the spam folder

On the moment you know that the customers have signed into your mail list, instruct them to have a regular check on the promotions tab and the spam folder. As the emails which you send to your customers may land up in either of these folders you must not be careless but intimate about this to all those customers who have signed into your email list.

To confirm your customer’s identification regarding your business concern and to remind them try sending some emails like “we are glad to have you as our client” etc, to ensure that your clients check those emails or not.

Stay updated with Gmail’s features 

Every application will be kept on upgrading some features regularly to enhance their performance and to make their customers satisfied. Some updates may be favorable to the users and some may not. Anyhow as a user of that application it is your responsibility to be updated to the newly added features.

Same as that Gmail also has its upgradation process done once in a while. Gmail has updated the latest feature by providing the users to switch between the five inbox types at any time they need.

On the left side of the Gmail inbox is the inbox section. It has a dropdown menu option. By clicking on that dropdown menu you can see the five types of inboxes. Even after getting an intimation from you, if your customers are not able to view the emails that you have sent it means that they are using some other type of inbox other than the default type.

Avoid email blasts

To attract and acquire more client’s you might have sent blast emails to all the customers in your email list using email blast tools. This is not accepted by Gmail. So if you are into such practices make sure to not do this furthermore. Due to this Gmail detects those malpractices and there are high chances of your mails being landed up in the Promotions tab or the spam folder.

So instead of sending bulk emails to all your clients all at once, you can split your total number of customers and divide them into groups and then send the emails in a group order. This increases open rates and helps in the growth and expansion of your business.

Personalize your emails 

Personalizing your emails according to your customers can be highly helpful to acquire more open rates. While sending emails to your clients make sure that you send them with their name and also with a personalized subject.

This will be helpful and captivating to ensure that your clients will open and read the emails that you send.

Refine your email deliverability

Before your email reaches the ultimate users it undergoes lots of security checks by Gmail and after the completion of all those checks, Gmail will decide whether your email should land in the primary tab, in the promotions tab, in the updates tab, in the spam folder, or not delivered at all.

Another important factor that affects your email deliverability is email authentication. Google highly recommends setting up certain things to ensure email security and deliverability. DomainKeys Identified Mail Signature (DKIM), Sender Policy Framework (SPF), and the DMARC are some of those tools that help in enhancing the security and deliverability of your emails.

Use Artificial Intelligence

Another important thing that Gmail highly relies on is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Everything is automated and supervised with the help of this Artificial intelligence technology. Even if the users or the business people do not follow the above-mentioned steps, with the help of Artificial Intelligence Gmail tracks user habits and reacts to them accordingly.

Google analyzes all the emails which are sent and comprehend whether a particular email deserves a reply or not. Also, it keeps track of the sender recipient’s replies and conversation to analyze the user habit, and whenever the user forgets to reply to the emails Google prompts them to do so.

So always make sure that the emails which you are sending must be capable of a reply from the users.

Simple steps to make emails go to primary (to the users)

There are some quick and simple steps in which you can make your emails go to the primary tab. Those steps include:

  • You can drag and drop the particular emails that you want to be on your primary tab directly.
  • Also, you can right-click on the message and select move to the tab and next to the primary.
  • After you are done making these changes Gmail will be asking for confirmation whether to land all the future emails in the primary tab which you switched to.

So by now, you all might have got some ideas and ways to make your emails go to the primary tab. Follow these steps regularly and you can see the changes gradually.

To the business people to make all their emails reach out to the customer’s primary tab, I have mentioned some super easy ways which are highly effective to make those changes. At the same time, I have also listed a few points for the users to change their inbox type.

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