How Email Sender Reputation Is Damaged And How To Fix It

Email reach plays a crucial for a business.

Reaching to people out there helps in growing your business over time. You cannot expect people to know about your business without telling them.

Emails are a good medium to convey your message to the targeted audience.

It is said to be one of the effective ways to generate lead. I am not sure how others use this. It depends on the marketing team or the person himself. You decide whether you want new leads and traffic or ending up in the spam section.

As you read this whole article on fixing email-sender reputation, we can start with

What is email sender reputation?

It is a score or reputation that you build over time. This score is provided by an Internet service provider that is assigned to your organization. The better the score, the better is the chances to deliver the emails to the audience.

As you see, it plays quite an important role in your business. So it matters when your email sender reputation grows or vice versa.

What do you think could be the possible reason for the bad email-sender reputation?

It depends on the ways or steps you are taking. I have listed some of the common ways that can hurt your email sender reputation.

How one can mess up an email sender’s reputation?

  • Quality of Email and email list
  • Inconsistency
  • Spam marked
  • High bounce rate
  • Low opens
  • Less engagement
  • Low lead rates

Quality of Email

Quality always matters whether you are looking for bigger things or small as an email.

Will you subscribe to any channel or content that you know is shitty and does not have a decent quality? no, you probably won’t. This is one of the main reasons for bad email reputation.

There is some serious fault in the emails you send.

Quality of email list

An old email list is just a wastage of your time and money, to be honest. The old list may contain addresses that no longer exist and sending emails to those addresses doesn’t make any sense.

You will engage yourself on the list of contact that no longer works or is invalid information. This is another possible mistake that many companies make.


Consistency is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many firms fail to maintain consistency in their email or content. Many famous companies never forget to send regular emails to keep their readers updated and aware.

This leads to a lower email sender reputation.

Spam marked

Getting into spam messages is the most common problem that is faced by many small companies and businesses.

Why does it happen?

It is mainly due to spam filtering features. This feature sends all the emails to spam when it meets certain criteria.

You won’t believe it, but the content you write in the email can also take you to the spam box. These spam filters look for certain words that are called spam triggers.

These words include Needy words, scam words, and words like gifts.

Spam filter also checks for

  • Hideous website’s link.
  • Broken code.
  • Writing pattern.
  • Using too many colors and unnecessary use of fonts.

High bounce rate

The bounce rate marks its importance. The higher the bounce rate, the lower will be the email sender reputation.

The bounce rate is the number of clients who fail to complete the process and leaves the website. Concerning the email bounce rate, it is the percentage of address that fails to receive the emails. Your emails come running back to you.

Failing to receive an email can have more than 1 reason and most are the one that is discussed above.

Low opens rates

The open rate is described as a percentage of clients or subscribers who open a specific email. It depends on the open lining that caught their attention. After knowing this, low open rates aren’t good news.

Low open rates decrease the email sender’s reputation.

When somehow your email manages to reach the inbox but fails at the open rate, this can disturb the reputation.

Low lead rates

A low read rate is related to open rate, after all, it is not possible to read an email without opening it.

If you are facing problems like these or supposedly similar, it is time to change your ways. These problems can harm reputation more than you think.

It is not a one-day problem that is solved the other day you wake up. This process takes time, it takes time to reach a level where emails from your company are considered important.

Some serious efforts will help you improve your email sender reputation. I have made that part easy for you.

I have listed some of the best ways that can help you increase your email sender reputation.

How to Fix Email Sender Reputation

  • Send good and relatable email
  • Avoid creating spam lookalike emails.
  • Authenticate your emails.
  • Be regular but not pain in the ass
  • Keep your list updated
  • Use good email service providers.
  • Keep track of your emails.
  • Update your techniques with time and monitor those too.
  • Keep your clients updated too.
  • Register a somewhat related subdomain
  • User interaction is the most important.
  • Check feedback
  • Send confirmation emails.

Send good and relatable email

We will deal with all the problems that we just discussed above and it starts with your mails.

As we know the content of email either lifts the sender’s reputation or degrades it, so why not start with working on that. Start working on your content of the emails.

  • Avoid adding words that will stick you in spam.
  • Try to keep it simple and avoid using a needy tone.
  • Use simple words and do take the help of apps like Grammarly for better English. It corrects your spelling and works on the Grammar.
  • Try to add a decent theme. Adding too much bling just makes the emails a Halloween party.
  • Add reasonable content. A reasonable and relatable content helps the client to connect.
  • Adding a personalized touch is a good idea. For example, you can add your clients’ names at the greetings of emails.

Avoid creating spam lookalike emails.

It needs to be stopped for some serious reasons, when you are working hard for promoting the brand or keeping your customer’s updates but ends up in spam, its all hard work to the dustbin.

  • Maintain your IP address reputation.
  • Keep your email box active, as low engagement can also impact your emails.
  • Add a good subject line, it works as a motive of the email and spam ain’t sending any intruder.
  •  Work on your content(these are interrelated actually)

Authenticate your email and the email list

I covered two important topics here.

Authentication of personal email – It is quite important as helps in telling the receiver that it is a real deal.

It is less harmful when the receiver knows who you are what your purpose is. It helps in providing a way to verify that the emails come from the same from who they claim they are.

Authenticate your email list

As we discussed as the list gets old, many addresses fade and are of no use. Many just come as unavailable or fake.  Keeping your email list updated and precise will help you avoid lurking on available addresses.

Make sure that the email addresses are correct. Make sure you have a list of authenticated emails.

It makes your work way easy.

Be regular but not pain in the ass

It is another point I want to discuss. You have to become a helping friend, not an irritative one.

We discussed, it is important to be consistent and regular but that does not mean creeping your clients away. Once or twice a week is an ideal period.  It makes you helpful yet distant but not too into clients.

You have to maintain professional courtesy while sending emails. Sending too many emails is not helping you increase your ender reputation.

Consistency can be kept by sending once or twice a week.

Keep your list updated

Keeping your list updated does include authentic emails too. Remove all the contacts that no longer exist or are fake. It will leave with the client that you need to focus on.

Use good email service providers.

By good email providers, I mean not a free one and a reliable one. You guys probably use Google mail or Yahoo mail for sending emails. as unpaid are quite common, it is not a big or a serious deal.

But Google email does work for most of the languages and it is a plus point for that.

Here are some of the famous email service providers that you should consider.

  • Gmail (you probably already use this). It supports 71 different languages.
  • Outlook offers support for 106 languages. It is from Microsoft and is quite reliable.
  • Yahoo mail is a free service offering 1 TB mailbox storage!! I mean what else can you need.

Keep track of your emails.

It goes under essentials.  You need to know if problems occur, where was it.  It helps you analyze the situation and is really helpful.

It will help you judge the response of your clients.

Update your techniques with time and monitor those too.

We all know how good we feel when we update and change our system so don’t you think, it’s better to keep pace with time?

I mean it’s no harm considering new techniques and strategies. You are reading this, it’s a great start to adapt.

Learn from the techniques you use.  Results are reflected in your growth. Whether good or bad, you learn and adapt accordingly.

Keep your clients updated too.

Whether you are sending marketing emails or informative emails, your clients have a reason to know. Keeping your clients updated help your gather audience and makes your clients feel important.

One way or the other, you are helped by your clients. It also helps in increasing your email sender reputation.

Register a somewhat related domain

Just some simple words here but mean more important than you think.

What do you mean by related domain?

This domain works as an alternative or for testing purposes.

This way you can save your real address going into spam (if somehow it manages to)

It is simple but actually helpful. You can work from this using your real company name and maintain your reputation as well. It is unlikely to hurt the sender’s reputation this way.

It is like one twin accusing the other if something goes south.

Choose a similar domain name.

User interaction is the most important.

Interaction is important in every field, you cannot just ignore the fact.

Sending emails is interaction. There are other ways too through which you can initiate interactions like marketing, personalized emails, social media network. It not only helps you connect with your clients but also helps in getting new clients.

It helps you make a new connection hence increasing the sender’s reputation.  When the client feels the connection, it is a good sign for the sender.

Check feedback

Feedbacks are a response from your clients. It is helpful if you look into feedbacks. Feedbacks can be hurtful and helpful at the same time.

It can help you improve your ways, technique, or content. A good sender listens to the feedback and implements it if it is worth implementing. It shows growth in your sender reputation.

Send confirmation emails.

A confirmation email is a good technique to be polite as well as concerned.  It is an email that is sent when some action is performed or triggered. You might have seen a message from an e-commerce company when you place an order.

That email is sent for confirmation from you. It also has an option to decline that request. It is helpful for clients. It helps in improving email sender reputation.

These are some of the main points I can think of. I hope these were helpful (these points do actually work ).

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