Best Free MailChimp Templates for Best Results and ROI

Mailchimp by far is one of the best email marketing services available to businesses. It has many great features to offer so that businesses can effectively contact clients, conduct marketing campaigns and analyze the data received from these. It comes in free and paid versions, to suit your budget.

Mailchimp offers a huge variety of templates to choose from for your email marketing campaign. Templates play an important in this aspect as they affect the overall look and deliverability of your email thus directly affecting your campaign and its success. Different types of businesses need different templates, similarly every marketing campaign needs different templates too based on the objectives of the campaign.

Best MailChimp Template that are FREE :

An ideal email template is the one that helps businesses deliver information easily and is easy to read for the clients. Here’s a round-up of some of the best free Mailchimp email marketing templates to help you select:

Mail Bakery Zeta (HTML) 

Mail Bakery Zeta is a free HTML coded template for email marketing offered by Mailchimp. It is the perfect template for sending a welcome message to clients who have recently taken an interest in your business. This template has a clean, classy and professional look and is customizable too.

Mail Bakery has a feature where you can add timelines to the email template adding testimonials etc. to your email. A client is sure to be impressed with such an email! This template is ideal for introductory emails and welcome messages to new clients.

Material Design Template

This template has been designed after the Google style and design. Material Design is a free template by Mailchimp. With perfect replicas of the Google theme, this template is sure to bring pleasantness and familiarity to your marketing emails. Subscribers will find it friendly too.

It is ideal for sending a large number of personalized newsletters. Moreover, this template is compatible with mobile devices in an easy way too.

Colorlib Email v1

The Colorlib Email v1 template was designed originally for restaurants and hotels. This is an ideal email to reach out about your events, programs and special rates or discounts offered to customers. The template has a lot of space for inserting texts and images to help you convey your content easily and clearly to readers.

It also has a feature that enables you to insert video links in the template making it a visual-rich and well-written email. This free Colorlib template is quite popular among Mailchimp users for its finesse and well-optimized look.


This one is for the minimalism lovers! For some businesses, minimalism is everything and this free Mailchimp template is just right for them. Minimalism has found an important place in the modern web-designing industry. This template comes with simple graphics and flat colors giving it a sleek look.

You can customize it completely or edit and make some tweaks to suit your needs. It is ideal for brands from every industry that want to incorporate minimalism in their style with the stylish vector images offered in this template.

Mail Ninja Summer Template

This summer template is indeed as its name – bright, fresh and colorful. Now that people tend to check their emails more on mobile phones, it is necessary to have templates that work well on multiple devices. Mail Ninja offers free templates just for that.

This template features of letting you break down the content and visuals into small sections that are easy to read. With segmented views and bright colors there’s no limit to the uses this template can be to in the marketing campaigns.

Mail Bakery Pi 

Mail Bakery Pi is a modern high-tech replica of the traditional paper newsletters that were found after the industrial revolution. It is timeless and classic. For all the brands and businesses that wish to opt for the traditional marketing methods this template is just perfect.

It is also suited for almost all industries and has formatting options at par with modernistic templates. What’s better then recalling the subtle nostalgia of good old times?

Food Delivery Template

This template by BeeFree is specially designed for food delivery services by brands in the food industry. Delivery services, especially online deliveries have become an important part for business growth. This template helps you achieve just that through email marketing campaigns.

Ordering meals online through mobile has seen a growing trend. This email newsletter will dedicatedly guide your viewers to the delivery app or site of your business. Plus, this template comes in a lot of mouth-watering customizations to make your emails look delicious! It is a must use for brands marketing food services and restaurants.

Product Update Email Template

This is a very useful template in terms of staying connected to your subscribers and clients. With so much competition growing in every field, a business needs to reach out about their innovations to keep growing and evolving. This Product Update Email template by Stripo gives all everything that you need to advertise your new products and updates.

It comes with plenty of customizable options to add descriptions, attach video link URL’s and add a video to the email itself. You can also make use of a code editor make minute and very personalized customizations and modifications.

Conformation Email Template

There are different types of emails needed to be sent during an email marketing campaign. Mailchimp is best in this regard as it offers email templates for every purpose. This free conformation email template by Stripo is useful for sending personalized emails to customers on various occasions like Completion of an order, service or request.

Simple and pleasing for the eye it is perfect to serve its purpose. The template also lets you personalize names etc. of the readers too. One of its kind, it is great to have under your belt for present or future use.

Stripo Surprise Offer

The perfect template to surprise and make your subscribers happy. Nothing is better than a thoughtful and personalized gesture. The surprise template comes in a beautiful and clean font with minimal images to highlight the promotional events.

It also lets you add moving images and gifs! Perfect for sending a birthday special offer to your subscribers and make their special day a happy one. It is a great addition to your email marketing strategy and will help you gain more customers through this personalized and kind gesture. This template will also help establish strong customer relations to your brand.

Note: Stripo is a free email template building tool. It offers many pre-built free templates for various purposes. It is compatible with Mailchimp and templates from this site can be easily exported to Mailchimp.

Photographer Template (HTML)

If you are a photographer or have an email that contains lots of photos then this free template by is an amazing choice. It allows a lot of customizations and direct modifications by working on the core HTML coding.

With lots of tabs, sections and a sidebar this email template radiates the feel of a micro site. With retro looks to offer, it is a mini world in itself. This template is perfect for sending a visual rich, enthralling email to your subscribers by a marketing outreach.

Discount Email Template

This is an email template ideal for fashion industry and ecommerce stores in related fields. With customizable image options and bold text, it is the right choice of template for marketing an event or a promotional offer. It offers a feature of editing the template block by block, making customization easier and efficient. The bold text deems useful in highlighting discounts and sale offers.

The template is sure to lure subscribers into discount deals offered on products offered by your brand or business. This is another great template offered by Stripo.


Bella is a neat, modern and serene email template. It has a systematic layout of text and image contents along with white spaces in between to give this template a modern and elite look. The source file of this beautiful template comes with PSD and HTML files, so if you know coding you can easily modify and customize.

Bella also has ‘Call to action’ buttons on its template page. In all, it is a smaller and compact version of a website template. Bella is the perfect email template choice for launching a new product or website and advertise about it to your customers.

The template makes use of light strokes and light colored to text to add to the effect. Bella is a great free template that looks like a fortune spent one on it.

Back to School Template

Back to School is a template specifically designed for businesses that offer online courses and learning portals. No worries, with a few tweaks and modifications this template can be used for other purposes as well. It is ideal for providing information on new course launches, deals and discounts on courses as it has a layout to incorporate images along with lot of descriptive content.

The template aims for student-friendly designs. Techy and stylish, it has many components which you can fill in with the information that needs to reach out to readers through an email.

Event Reminder Template

This is a great handy email for sending reminders and notifications about event reminders on a large scale to all your subscribers. It is useful for organizing the seminars and events efficiently and making convenient for your subscribers to join. You can also provide a quick idea about the overall schedule of the event along with links, video references and invitations.

The template comes with many customizable options though they are limited. It is great template to involve more people in your business.

Mantra Progress

Mantra Progress is a great template for businesses running a membership service. It will enable you to send emails and reminders to subscribers and help you convert them into customers and members of your brand.

It is a formal, short and sweet template that conveys your message straight to the point and of course it is customizable too. In addition to the main content the template offers you to insert video links etc. to your email. The perfect template to get the maximum results from your email outreaching campaign.

One Letter

One letter is an amazing multipurpose email template. It can be used for almost every kind of emails like product launch, newsletters, reminders and more. It comes with a bold and catchy font along with a focal image at the top. One letter also lets you customize ‘Call to action’ buttons the template.

It gives functions to add links to your social media profiles too. The icons, style and overall appearance of this template is very unique and adorable. One letter can be modified with the help of coding too. It is the go-to option for every kind of emails when you are aiming to send one.

Smart Travel

As the name suggests, Smart travel is an email template ideal for travel companies and travel agencies. It has all the features to offer a travel deal more effectively like vivid imagery options, ‘Call to action’ buttons, a casual and sophisticated font etc.

This template is offered by Stripo for free. Since deals and offers on travel packages are quite common, this template comes in handy to nudge your clients in just the right way to book a vacation.

Meow Survey

This is a survey driven email template. Getting feedback and reviews from your customers is in fact very valuable and this template helps you do just that. It comes in a simple style with a header image and a survey rating section. The inly downside of this template being the lack of better branding details.

The developer has the coding file of this template so it will be an easy job to add the needed details and modify it to our needs. A good template to use if you want to outreach and find customer information.

Humming Bird

Humming Bird is the ideal choice if you are a SaaS company. It includes iconography designs on its template page. It offers a simple and creative design with a lot of space to incorporate creative animation effects. Designed for corporate purposes, it brings a freshness to the normal mundane email templates in this category.

These are some of the best Mailchimp templates to choose form and use for your marketing campaigns or email outreaching that are completely free too. With right customizations and changes these are perfect to get you a smooth and successful campaign.

These templates can be loaded and exported to Mailchimp and used anytime you need them. Make apt use of these templates and you will have your business growing in no time.

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