Best Email Marketing Tools to Use in 2021

Emails are the best communication medium of all time. It has a great part in developing your business to an extreme extent when used properly. Emails can be a game-changer because it helps the business firm to develop and maintain a healthy relationship among your clients. With the right set up and tools, emails can be highly helpful for the all-round advancement of your business.

While starting up your business always make sure that you focus more on the cordial relationship with your clients. Now, how to maintain such a relationship with all your clients? I know most of you will be struggling in this part because you may lack some basic principles on how to engage and interact with your customers.

As you all know the first impression is the best. While more clients are subscribing and joining your business family then you must know the strategy to interact with them in an excellent way possible. The customers should not be disappointed with your interaction methods. So as already said emails are a professional way of communicating with your customers.

If you are wondering how to do this in the right way then this article will be helpful for you to find out some of the best email marketing tools that are available to boost up your business and carry it to the next level and gain more customer satisfaction.

What Are Email Marketing Tools? 

Email marketing tools are used to run effective email campaigns. You can send bulk emails to your clients, save the emails as a draft, prepare the email list and do so much more relating to the emails. These email marketing tools serve as a connecting tool between the business and the customers.

All the necessary tasks that you perform through the emails regularly will be tracked and managed by these email marketing tools. The right type of tools can do better things for your business. Do not select the email marketing tools so recklessly so that you can not be able to manage the daily activities that you do with email.

Best Email Marketing Tools

As you are the proprietor of the business obviously, you will know the entire attributes of your business. There are no chances that you miss something so important regarding your business. So if you are in search of the best email marketing tools to manage and be professional with your interaction part among the clients then you must look for certain things.

To choose the right type of email marketing tools is not an easy task. As I already mentioned above you must be fully aware of all the little things of your business concern as this plays a dominant role in selecting the precise email marketing tools.

Firstly, know your requirements and then step into the analysis and researching procedures as this might be highly helpful for you to get your hands on the right ones. Here I have listed some of the best email marketing tools that will cater to almost all of your business requirements.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Hubspot
  • SendinBlue
  • Autopilot
  • Moosend
  • MailerLite

So I have listed to you some of the email marketing tools that are highly recommended and wielded by the top and most popular business concerns all over the world.

But you do not have any compulsion to select what your competitors use to enhance their businesses. All you need to do is to thoroughly analyze your business needs and then come back then start selecting and researching with the best email marketing tools that are available in the market.


While getting deeper into the functional aspects of ActiveCampaign let us do not forget that this tool had been launched only a while back but has reached several heights with almost 90000 plus small business users. This rapid phase of achievement is because of its user-friendly interface and also cost-effectiveness.


  • This email marketing tool has a very simple user interface that allows the users to pioneer the visual automation builder without the assistance of expensive consultants. Anyone can easily work with the interface without any prior in-depth experience.
  • ActiveCampaign has its intelligence-based automation that helps the users to run campaigns, update all the new and older contact data, and to focus more on sales leads.
  • Campaign building through this tool is made easier by the drag and drop option and the drop-down menus.
  • It keeps track of all your behaviors and helps you to be on track and know what’s happening within the business.
  • To assist the business firm to focus more on their leads the users with the ranked and frequently upgraded list of the top leads to the entire business firm.
  • It also provides migration information to the users who have shifted from other email marketing tools such as MailChimp, InfusionSpot, and Hubspot.


Hubspot is a famous and world-class email marketing tool. But this tool is not only designed for email marketing but also has various other functionalities including CRM, landing pages, email marketing, marketing automation, chat, forms, and also various other services. The only things which you must speculate while selecting this tool for your business is that Hubspot is an all in one sale and marketing platform and it is not specifically designed for email marketing alone. So make sure that you do not go for it before knowing its full functionaries.


  • It is an automated marketing platform that has a powerful and user-friendly dashboard that allows the users to customize and schedule the works according to their needs.
  • The topmost services offered by Hubspot includes a contact manager, easy to read dashboard, content repository, free certifications, marketing automation workflows, leads magnet and conversation mechanism, content optimization system templates, pipeline management, inline WYSIWYG content editor, social media inbox streams, analytics and reporting, and  HubSpot connect program.
  • As I’ve said before this tool is multifunctional and might not be relevant to most of all your business needs.


Sendinblue is also the best email marketing and transaction tool that has a high level of performance. It functions with an automatic email marketing system and is widely used by most reputed companies to achieve and manage their email interaction and services to their clients.


  • This tool is used to send emails and improve the GDPR rating of your business.
  • With the help of this tool, you can create professional-looking emails from the different varieties of templates available and also from other scratch materials. Design your emails as per your wish by using any styles or blocks that are available under the drag and drop option.
  • This email marketing tool helps you with creating personalized messages by including your client’s name and other details which adds a pera personalized touch to your email and also your clients will be like such kinds of personalized emails from a business firm.
  • Sendinblue has excellent email deliverability and link tracking functionality.
  • It also provides access to unlimited contacts and customizable sign-in forms which are highly effective in creating your style of sign-in forms.
  • With its mobile-friendly integration tools, you are accessible to this application not only on your desktops or laptops but also you can use this application even on your mobile phones.
  • This tool helps you to be updated with all your running campaign results and performance. Once you have sent the emails to your clients with the help of this tool, you can track those emails and get to know interaction lists and statistics of your subscriber’s list.


Sending emails to all your subscribers is a normal thing but sending bulk emails to all your clients at the proper time to the right persons is the only thing that counts while you have decided to boost up your business. With the Autopilot mail automation system, you can send emails to all your subscribers at the proper time. There are a lot of things you can be able to do with the aid of this tool.


  • Autopilot allows you to create and customize your emails with texts, HTML, and so on. You can also choose the templates and designs for your emails according to your fondness from the list of options available under the drag and drop editor.
  • You can also design your own templates for your emails without having any need for coding knowledge.
  • All the emails that you create with this tool will be perfect and professionalized when seen on any device.
  • After creating your template or choosing any one of the templates from the list you are enabled to customize them on your way. You can also add texts, images, buttons, videos, social media links, and also  you can customize your personalized email templates too.
  • Autopilot has extraordinary ISP service and a well-built IP address to ensure increased and guaranteed email deliverability rates.
  • With the help of this tool, you will be able to track all the necessary information regarding your emails. You can track the email open rates, close rates, subscribed and unsubscribed counts, replies, bounces, conversations.


Moosend is a very effective email marketing tool that allows you to create, manage, customize, and monitor email marketing campaigns. It is highly helpful in sending the right emails to the right people without any hassle and also many business firms claim that this tool is so much helpful in elevating their ROI and boosting up their business growth.

Moosend is loaded with so many simple but effective features that will for sure support your business in so many ways.


  • Moosend is an award-winning email marketing campaign tool that enables users to create, design, and customize so many varieties of newsletters that are so attractive and look so pretty on any device.
  • It also has some management features that work so well, when it comes to campaign maagent.
  • The most effective feature of Moosend is workflow automation. This particular feature enables users to be consistent with all of their works. With this feature, all the email marketing process and activities are now managed with ease. So as outcome email marketers are now able to reach out to the recipients, clients, visitors, subscribers in a precise and timely description.


MailerLite is one of the updated email marketing tools that provide many of the on-trend features that will be highly helpful for all of its users to manage and create updated stuff and build a better relationship with their customers.


  • You no need to seek the help of a designer to create email campaigns but the best part is you can create your email campaigns the way you want them to be with the assistance of the simple drag and drop editor. There are no HTML skills required.
  • While you can create so many things with this tool you can attract more audience through this tool with the help of website builders, landing pages, pop-ups, embedded forms, subscriber management, and so on.
  • The variety of email marketing tools that are available in this application helps you to create personalized emails, segmentation emails, promotion pop-ups, email automation, interest group tagging, etc.

By now you all have got a clear idea of the working and uses of the email marketing tools and how you can implement it in your business without so many complications. In this article, I have listed the best email marketing tools, its features, and also some additional information. So before you get your hands on any of these email marketing tools always make sure that you know in detail about all of its specifications.

All you need to do is to first know your business needs, scale if the enterprise, and then go for the right type of email marketing tool that caters to all your needs.

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