Best Cold Outreach Tools for Business in 2021

Cold outreach is a strategy used by business firms and job seekers to get more clients and suitable jobs respectively.  Cold Outreach strategy is usually carried out by sending emails which kindles the curiosity of those who receive the emails such as the clients or the recruiters.

In this digital world, the effective usage of technology plays a vital role in the progress of business firms.  Not only for the business firms, but the technology serves as a great boon for the individuals too.  If we use the best tools to promote our business then we can bring the best out of it.

Cold outreach emails are used by the individuals who strive to get the jobs they like.  We can send a cold email to the head of the companies we would love to work in.  Cold emails are nothing but the emails we write to the potential clients to attract them and make them our customers or, the emails we write to the recruiter of a company to get our dream jobs.  It is the emails we write to someone with whom we do not have any prior contact or relationship.

Business firms use cold outreach strategy to get as many potential clients as possible.  It becomes inevitable to use these cold outreach strategies when we find out the business world is quite competitive.  Cold outreach emails are used in different ways by entrepreneurs and job seekers.

The candidates who strive to land their dream job use these cold outreach emails as the first step of the staircase to their success.  The candidates can write cold emails to the companies using certain strategies.

The cold outreach emails sent by the candidates seeking jobs consist of a small paragraph that describes the reason for them contacting the recruiter.  The cold emails of the candidates also consist of the resume of them which is attached with the email.  Since the emails contain the attached resume there is no need for the candidates to write a long paragraph describing everything.

The text of the email contains the purpose, the resume, and a small paragraph that describes the strengths of the candidate and a few of the accomplishments of the concerned candidate, precisely.  If the CEO or the recruiter is impressed, then the candidate will land in his/her dream job.

Many business firms use various social media technologies to grow their businesses.  The cold outreach strategy proves to be one of the beneficial ways to attract many potential clients.  A potential client is no one but the person who views our product and becomes the purchaser of our products.

The cold outreach emails we send to the clients can contain an introduction, a subject line, the purpose of the email, the motto of the company, the proposal of some value in the pitch, etc., in a short and crispy paragraph.  Using videos as a part of the cold outreach emails also serves to be one of the valuable ways to attract our clients.

When we write cold emails either for a job or for a client, we should keep in mind some tips and tricks which help us to accomplish our goal.  The tips for writing a cold outreach email are keeping the email precise, having something particular to ask i.e. stating clearly what we want to get or give, having a good subject line, sending the email at the right time, etc.,

It is also very important to send the email to the correct person.  We should also make sure that they read our emails.  There are a lot of possibilities of them getting numerous emails every day.  So, there is a chance of them forgetting to view or reply to our emails.  So, we should remind them at least two or three times so that they get to see our cold emails at the right time.

There are some best cold outreach tools available in the market which helps us to master the art of sending cold emails which further leads us to accomplish our goals.  Let’s have an analysis of some of the best cold outreach tools which are available for us.

Best Cold Outreach Tools

Some of the best outreach tools that we can make use of are listed below:

  • Klenty
  • SalesHandy
  • Mailshake
  • Autoklose
  • Lemlist
  • QuickMail
  • Woodpecker
  • MailTag is a sales engagement platform which helps the entrepreneurs to focus on the deals by managing various tasks by the automation of email search, LinkedIn outreach, personal emails, and calls.  This tool serves to be a more promising one in the field of cold outreach emailing as it has a lot of unique features.

It has the feature of automatic response classification which helps the users in many ways.  It allows the users to view the replies coming to the cold emails in a sorted manner as it categorizes the replies into four categories such as Interested, Not interested, Not now, and Do not contact.

This feature helps us to maintain our focus on the different categories without getting confused.  It also allows users to create custom folders for better-targeted segmentation.


Klenty is considered to be one of the best cold outreach tools in the market.  It is a promising sales engagement software that allows the users to send personalized emails properly.  It also has the feature of automated follow-ups.

Klenty helps in sending personalized emails and ensures that it is delivered at the right time.  Klenty has also another unique feature that ensures that the emails sent by the user, land properly in the prospect’s inbox, not in spam and promotions.

Klenty operates at high productivity.  It proves to be a good platform to get done with more calls and tasks.


SalesHandy is a sales enablement tool that allows users to track and schedule emails.  It also helps in Mail Merge, Auto-Follow up.  It also provides email templates that help to boost the sales team’s productivity.

SalesHandy helps us to send cold email campaigns to a larger group of people in an effective way when compared with other sales engagement software products.  SalesHandy possesses an ultimate cold email strategy which is known as the BASHO Email.

This BASHO email strategy helps us to personalize our emails better.  It also allows the users to connect with the recruiters or the decision-makers quickly.


Mailshake is a sales engagement software that helps us in sending personalized cold emails and in engaging with the prospects through phone and social media.  And the main thing to be noted is that all these things take place in one sequence and on one dashboard.

Mailshake helps the users, to send personalized cold emails at scale, schedule follow-ups, to monitor the performance of the campaign, to nurture the relationships with the customers, etc., All these things can be done by us with the help of Mailshake without sending the same email to the same persons for more than one time. is a sales automation platform.  It helps to increase the productivity of the sales team.  It has the feature of multichannel sales automation which helps to increase the productivity of the sales team.  This tool helps a lot in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). enables the users to turn cold emails into free trial signups.  It helps the users to reach out to the right persons with the help of relevant and personal emails.  It also helps to find prospects on professional networks.  It helps to find email addresses in bulk.  It is also used to verify email addresses in bulk.


Autoklose is one of the best sales automation software products which is famous for one of its features that get all the task done effectively, saving a lot of time.  It helps to boost the sales team productivity by closing more deals faster.  Autoklose often proves to be a reliable sales automation software.

They have a huge database.  They also provide the user with better templates.  It allows the user to set the templates.  It lets the users run the campaigns, whereas the users can focus on their businesses at the same time.

It has a unique feature that allows the user to set integrations using Zapier and ping back CRM of the user when any of the email receivers respond.  Hence, there is no need for the user to sit and keep looking at the system all day long. 


Lemlist is a great platform for sending cold outreach emails.  It has a unique feature that allows users to get personalized images and videos.  It is the first platform to have a feature like this which enables the users to automatically generate personalized images and videos.

It allows the users to put the repetitive tasks on autopilot.  It helps the sales teams, agencies, recruiters, small businesses to grow using email outreach.  Lemlist syncs smoothly with all the email accounts of the users.  It supports nearly all kinds of email providers.  This proves to be one of the outstanding features of Lemlist.

Technology has the power to change the game of business.  This concept is very well understood by the Outreach team.  This platform is one of the most useful platforms for sending cold outreach emails.  This tool is famous for its efficiency in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). provides users with detailed email analytics to do efficient campaign management. is flexible and easy to use the tool.  This tool helps the users to connect with better prospects and customers in effective ways.  Outreach is considered to be one of the reliable tools for sending cold outreach emails.


QuickMail is a software product that helps users to send better-personalized emails.  It allows users to send automate and follow-up emails.  QuickMail helps us to analyze which emails are working the best.  It helps to grow the business of the concerned user.

It enables users in many ways who want to build stable relationships with the customers they have. It also helps them to attract as many new customers as possible.  It has many features which help to boost the sales campaign.

As the software helps the users to send cold emails and follow-ups the outreach emails on behalf of the users, the users are free to concentrate on other important tasks.  This proves to be one of the promising features of this software. is one of the best cold outreach tools which helps the users to get unlimited leads, a great number of contacts, and plenty of opportunities.  This software has good reviews from its users.  This sales engagement software allows users to generate more revenue.  It is a multichannel platform that is available in the market at a reasonable price.

As there are many tools, that help only the sales teams, helps the individuals in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  It enables the users to add customizations which makes the tracking of the clients, an easier task to do.  


Woodpecker is one of the most effective cold outreach tools available in the market.  It has a unique feature of tracking marketing emails and sales emails in a powerful way.  It is also used widely for its feature of simple campaign scheduling.

This tool helps entrepreneurs to get more clients and business partners.  Woodpecker takes over the repetitive and laborious task – follow-up process from the shoulders of the entrepreneurs.  It also has the feature of daily, weekly, and monthly campaign reporting.  Woodpecker proves to be an effective tool for sending cold outreach emails.


MailTag enables users to get information about many things.  It allows the users to know the exact time when the recipients open the emails and the exact time when the recipients click the links within the emails.  It also helps the users to track the performance of the open-rates and the link-click rates.

It helps the users to save time and energy through automation.  It also customizes the automatic follow-ups.  It improves the email reply-rates.  It also helps to increase the sales of the concerned business firm.

Thus, these cold outreach tools help people to send personalized and effective cold emails.  This further leads to an increase in sales of the business firms and it also helps the individuals to get their dream jobs.  Hence, these tools prove to be useful for both individuals and business firms.

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