Best Bulk Mailing Tools For Serious Email Marketers

Bulk E-mail Tools are websites or softwares that send e-mails to a large group, at once. Similar to mass e-mail or e-mail blasts, Bulk E-mail sends one central message/information to a list of subscribers for a particular company or platform.

Bulk E-mail Tools are now in extensive use by companies and service providers because of the dynamic and assorted content tools the Bulk E-mail Tools use. These add a personalised touch to the sent mails by altering specific details of the message, to pique the interest of each subscriber or customer on the list.

Using a Bulk E-mail Tool is very market-friendly and convenient plus cheaper, to use. A large number of bulk e-mail charge for their offers on the basis of the number and frequency of e-mails and recipients, respectively.

Here are the best Bulk E-mail Tools providers I found on the internet that would be the best bet for you: –


ActiveCampaign is one of the best Bulk E-mail Tools and not only can this service provide bulk e-mailing but also take care of all in one Customer-Related Management.

They have more than 90,000 business customers and provide a platform designed for businesses and companies looking for email marketing and automation system. ActiveCampaign offers efficient service plans in which one can send unlimited e-mails, each with the price based on the number of contacts to manage on the number of user contacts the company needs.

The pricing range starts from as low as $9 – $10 per month for 3 users and 500 contacts and ranges up to anywhere between $400 – $500 per month for 25 users and 10,000 contacts.

As the price of the plan is increased, ActiveCampaign gives a number of premium features like A/B testing and machine learning, which optimises the impact of Bulk E-mail Tools used.


SendinBlue is one of the best-designed and sophisticated Bulk E-mail Tools. The speciality of SendinBlue lies in the fact that the companies or individuals can edit the templates or can create their own design from scratch.

SendinBlue provides a large number of features and goes out of the box to do more than just sending bulk e-mails. It is also exceptional from a price perspective for larger list sizes, enabling you to have comprehensive email marketing software, while keeping bulk email affordable.

Its features help the companies generate more leads and increase the companies’ marketing list. Along with its unique functioning, SendinBlue has an exclusive pricing system. They charge on the basis of the number of emails that are to be sent by the company. To make it efficient and affordable for businesses, its plan starts free for 300 e-mails per day.

The plans range to 350,000 e-mails per month at anywhere between £100 – £102. The additional marketing features make the prices come protective and worth it. SendinBlue has not only set standards in providing features but also kept the Bulk E-mail Tools, customer-friendly.


Moosend enters the list of Bulk E-mail Tools because of its beginner-friendly and affordable services. It targets the small and average businesses and thus provides a very easy-to-use platform, though a little basic in design.

A very beneficial fact about Moosend’s services is that it provides agency-level support to its users, from the aspects of the strategy to delivery optimisation. Whereas other Bulk E-mail Tools charged extensively for the support services, Moosend thoroughly helps its customers secure and increased market list.

Aligning with its beginner-friendly policy, it gives access to all features in an affordable price. It starts its Bulk E-mail services for free, which includes unlimited e-mails and up to 1000 subscribers.

Moosend provides unlimited sending of e-mails in all the plans ranging up to 300,001 – 400,000 subscribers  Extremely friendly and affordable features of the ones which make Moosend stand out.


ConvertKit is yet another beginner-friendly Bulk E-mail Tools which offer basic and easy services. It is the Bulk E-mail Tool for those individuals who want to market in creative industries like blogging, teaching or writing, et cetera.

It provides very basic designing and uses simple drag-and-drop-editor, along with a few more features. This means that the users have to send plain e-mails to the subscribers and focus more on the information that is being sent out.

Unlike other Bulk E-mail Tools, ConvertKit puts forward, really reasonable and affordable pricing plans which serve the purpose instead of exaggerating the expenditure. It focuses on what the creative users can afford as beginners to professionals.

Keeping this in mind, ConvertKit’s pricing offers unlimited e-mail sending and bases the price on the number of contacts on the user’s list. This may range from up to 1000 subscribers to about 105,000 subscribers for unlimited e-mails.


MailerLite is one of the top Bulk E-mail Tools which is trusted by over 1 million businesses around the globe. MailerLite is yet another Bulk E-mail Tool which believes in being user-friendly. This value of MailerLite is what makes it one of the most affordable Bulk E-mail Tools, especially for small-sized lists.

Although it works with basic designing and features, MailerLite provides features like personalised tags, sending by time-zones and A/B testing. MailerLite is very helpful for beginners and creators who have small lists of subscribers or customers.

It starts the Bulk E-mail services free for less than 1,000 contacts and 12,000 e-mails, per month. It ranges up to $50 per month for 5,001-10,000 contacts and an unlimited number of e-mails, to be sent.

The best part about MailerLite is the large variety of easy-to-use and good features at a very affordable price, which other Bulk E-mail Tools tend to cost a lot for. MailerLite is one of the best platforms to secure potential growth with the affordability to the market.


HubSpot goes beyond generic Bulk E-mail Tools strategies and uses its services to provide an increased market list for its customers. HubSpot’s services start with offering free marketing tools.

Unlike other Bulk E-mail Tools, it provides three pricing plans, namely – Starter(starts from $40 per month), Professional(starts from $800 per month) and Enterprise(starts from $3200 per month).

HubSpot offers a wide range of features which make the e-mail designs look extremely professional and are compatible with all devices. Along with all the advanced design features, it offers to show all the details of the engagement analytics of the Bulk E-mails. HubSpot allows users to start for free and convert website visitors into leads. It becomes an all-in-one tool as the user can dive deep into the details of the data with A/B testing, simultaneous to customers in the layouts, adding calls-to-action and images by this super easy to the drag-to-drop editor.

For users with chaotic routines and heavy workload, HubSpot provides the feature to schedule e-mails in advanced. Its policy of privacy and data protection of users is guarded by its own Customer-Relation-Management, making the users trust this Bulk E-mail Tool with the data.

HubSpot’s CRM features will help you build a stronger relationship with customers. Hence, HubSpot becomes one of the most preferred Bulk E-mail Tools with its quick delivery and affordable features.


Mailgun is a Bulk E-mail Tool which is beneficial and efficient for all businesses ranging from small to large. It creates stunning designs for e-mails within minutes through its advanced features like segmentation, personalization and A/B testing. These premium features help its users engage directly and rightly with the recipients.

Mailgun offers to send 10,000 e-mails per month, for free. To avail the features of coding and better designing, it provides three pricing plans which are: Production, Scale and Enterprise, in which the users get a quote.

Mailgun not only provides Bulk E-mail services but also does e-mail parsing for its customers. The way to design e-mails for Mailgun is very different as it provides email API services with advanced features such as routing and e-mail analytics.

Mailgun is also appreciated for its better deliverability with SMTP integration and RESTful API. Besides these amazing features, Mailgun provides e-mail validation through features like grammar checks and protecting the list from typos and mistakes.


SendGrid is another Bulk E-mail Tool which is best suitable for all business types from small to big. Similar to the other Bulk E-mail Tools, SendGrid goes beyond just sending Bulk E-mails and enhances the experience of users with its advanced features and functions.

It is highly regarded and trusted by many developers and marketers for its time-savings, scalability and delivery expertise. With over 80,000 users, SendGrid provides efficient pricing plans which start from a free plan sending 40,000 e-mails for the first month and then 100 e-mails per day. Ranging through the Essentials plan and Pro plan, the users can get a quote for the Premier plan, depending on the number of e-mails to be sent.

SendGrid allows the users to add contacts through CSV upload, signup forms and the contacts API which are then functional through managing recipients, scheduling, content and testing. It provides the services for transactional e-mails with features like anti-spam regulations.

SendGrid also provides the platform for shipping notifications, password resets, email newsletters, and promotional emails. It is an innovative solution in the aspect of delivering e-mails. Keeping in mind the user’s privacy and protection, SendGrid provides custom SPF and DKIM record creation to avoid domain spoofing and phishing.


Mailjet is a Bulk E-mail Tool which gives a powerful impact to simple e-mail experiences, in the market and amongst the recipients. Mailjet brings together the top developers to collaborate and help marketers to accelerate their businesses through Bulk E-mail services.

It not only helps the top marketers but also assist the small businesses to increase their marketing list. Mailjet provides e-mail marketing solutions by creating, managing, sending and optimising e-mails.

It gives actionable insights through a complete overview of your email performance and real-time monitoring. Mailjet offers a large variety of pricing plans for its customers to use. Initially, a free plan is provided which allows the users to send 6000 e-mails per month. Though, the prices with the Basic and Premium plans will change according to the number of e-mails to be sent. The Basic plan costs somewhere between $7 – $8.69 per month for 30,000 e-mails and the Premium plan ranges between $15 – $18.86 per month, for more than 30,000 e-mails. Along with the commendable designing options, Mailjet allows the users to edit in hands all the e-mails specifications to grow the e-mail lists.


SendPulse is a Bulk E-mail Tool which offers a multi-channel marketing platform with advanced features like segmentation and A/B testing. It is highly appreciated and preferred for the wide range of features that this Bulk E-mail Tool provides.

SendPulse is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require HTML knowledge to create adaptive and responsive e-mail templates with the help of its drag-and-drop editor also coming with more than 130 free templates. Due to these creative and well-designed free templates, regardless of the screen size and resolution, the e-mail will look good.

Event-triggered e-mails and trigger-chained e-mails through Automation 360, nurture the sales of the users brand/market. SendPulse is a unique Bulk E-mail Tool that provides users with Subscription Forms that can be used with websites to increase the mailing list.

It is the best suited for small or medium-sized businesses and hence offers affordable pricing plans for its Bulk E-mail services. The pricing plan is very vast, starting from a Basic free plan for 500 subscribers per month, ranging to 5,000,000 subscribers at $5600 – $6500 per month.

Its mobile app also helps the users to check the result of an e-mail campaign on the go. SendPulse thus becomes one of the most used and efficient Bulk E-mail Tools with its features and beneficial results.

Each of the Bulk E-mail Tools given here has their individual strength. Most of these Bulk E-mail Tools have a cloud-based platform which also helps in securing the data of the users. It becomes necessary for the users to be certain of the service method and outcome they looking forward to so that they choose the most beneficial tools for themselves.

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